Marathon Couple’s Therapy

Intensive therapy for couples

Marathon Couples Therapy is a highly-effective, intensive, and evidence-based therapeutic modality for couples wanting to heal old wounds, move beyond negative interactive patterns and embrace new communication skills for creating the best relationship ever.

The first Marathon session lasts between 12 to 18 hours over the course of two days, which affords us the time and space to dive deeply into your issues and concerns. I work based on what needs to be addressed that day, not on some arbitrary time on a clock.

The Marathon experience can be truly transformational. 

You can expect to have the trajectory of your relationship shift to something more positive, hopeful and productive.

The Marathon Couple’s Therapy Process

Once you have booked a Marathon session with my assistant, Marissa, you will be emailed a packet to fill out. In it, you’ll be asked numerous questions about your current state of affairs, as well as to describe what it is you hope to achieve in our two days of therapy. For most couples, their intentions mesh. For other couples, they have different intentions or goals, yet still need to come to some sort of resolution. I see it as my job to honor both individual’s truths and dreams, and to facilitate my clients in accessing new strengths, new skills and gaining new insights, which then will move them in the direction of their goals.

I review this packet of information prior to meeting with you and your goals become my guideposts.

On the morning of our first day together, the three of us will meet. There I gather more information about your history together. I am examining the arc of your story while also identifying strengths that once existed—but have since diminished—as well as the strengths that live on. These will be the scaffolding we will use during our two days together. This is followed by me meeting with each of you privately to gather family-of-origin information. The three of us then reconvene—at which time I offer my assessment of your relationship, how you got to where you are, a summary of its current strengths and challenges, as well as my plan for moving you toward your goals.

The rest of the first day, and all of the following day, are spent working to achieve those intentions.

Throughout our time together, you’ll learn concepts and processes that you can use as a couple, no matter what the issue or topic, to connect more deeply, communicate more effectively and manage conflict more skillfully.

A few days after your Marathon session is concluded, you will receive a 7-10 page written summary of the work accomplished. This summary contains a detailed description of every concept and process taught, as well as suggestions and recommendations made to each of you, describing what you each may wish to focus on in order to stabilize the changes made in the Marathon Therapy.

For some couples, a single two-day Marathon serves to move them to where they wish to be. For others, we schedule follow-up sessions. In that latter case, we schedule enough time to dive in to whatever needs to be addressed. As with the two-day Marathon, you pay for the timed utilized, not the time booked.

For more information or to schedule a Marathon Couple’s Therapy session with me, please contact my assistant, Marissa:

“I feel the need to tell you that I haven’t felt this “seen” and understood and accepted in many many years. The past few days I have felt so much more relaxed, and comfortable with just being myself. It feels so good to feel understood, taken seriously, and like (my spouse) and I are on the same page and have a path forward that we both understand and are committed to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, words can’t express how grateful we are to have gotten the opportunity for you to help us! You are so gifted, and it is truly amazing what you do. Thank you.”

“(Our one EMDR session) has really been impactful and fascinating. I would say that the effects have been overwhelmingly positive and valuable. I have joked to my friends that emdr therapy is essentially ‘buying zen.’ I feel like the impact has landed most significant in two areas of my life- my ability to engage with {my spouse} from a less negatively-charged place. But also, and even more so, I have noticed a clarity and new kind of insight into my own personal therapy and understanding of myself.”

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