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and build a vibrant, harmonious, and resilient relationship with


The Mindful Love Course


You can begin the self-course anytime you wish!

With five weeks of lectures and materials available to you over a six week period.


You long to feel deeply connected to your partner again


…to talk and laugh together, to spend time together that satisfies your soul, to not only know you have a partnership that’s grounded in love and support but to feel it through and through.

There are times when that connection feels strong—but at other times you and your partner can seem so far apart.

You long to recapture the togetherness you used to fall into so easily.

You don’t doubt your relationship: your love is still there, your commitment hasn’t wavered.

“…After taking your Mindful Love Course, our marriage has definitely reached a much higher level! We laugh more, bicker far less, and generally just enjoy one another’s company a whole lot more! Several “unresolvable” issues proved to be…resolvable. Who knew?

Thank you, Connie!”

“Your course was wonderful…You helped remind me why I married him and you also helped stop me from the negative loops that I often get stuck in…I honestly was sad that our session ended because this was such a fantastic experience with you and our group.

Thank you for your guidance.“

But more often than you’d like to admit, the rigors of life have snuck in, slowly dulling your spark. These ‘rigors’ have familiar names such as…

• work stress
• financial strain
• kids’ schedules
• competing demands
• fatigue and overwhelm
• health issues

Some (or possibly all!) of these stressors have walked into your life and seeped into your relationship. You know they’re there because they create tell-tale symptoms, such as…

• heated conversations
• increased fighting
• failure to empathize
• less physical touch
• lack of intimacy
• fights coming out of nowhere
• inability to see your partner’s side
• and a rapid rise in walking out of conversations mid-way through


Sound familiar?
If so, know this: You’re not alone.

Every long-term, committed relationship is susceptible to these stressors, and at some point, we all fall prey to one or many of them.

All relationships go through a natural series of ebbs and flows. We have periods where we feel connected—sometimes deeply so—and then periods where the connection isn’t nearly as strong.

Likewise, every relationship goes through crises. These crises can be personal—like a betrayal of trust or a shift in what one partner wants or values—or they can be familial or social.

No matter what the stressor or crisis, however, we can learn how to come together and lay a strong foundation for a relationship that’s vibrant, harmonious, and resilient—not just some of the time, but MOST of the time.

We can gain more control over the ebbs and flows in our relationship, so that we’re “ebbing” less and “flowing” more.

And we can have the deep connection and loving, effective communication we’ve been longing for with our partner.

If there was ever a time where deeper connections are needed in our primary love relationships, it’s now.

Which is why I created the Mindful Love Course—a 5-week online course for couples that teaches research-based principles and skills for deepening your connection and navigating conflict lovingly and skillfully.

How The Mindful Love Course Works

During the 6-week online course, you’ll receiving the following each week:

    • One recorded lecture presented by Connie Feutz, teaching you about the key ingredients of a vibrant, harmonious, and resilient relationship, as well as enlightening and highly practical exercises to complete with your partner throughout the week.
    • You’ll receive an email notification each week letting you know that week’s videotaped lecture, the written resources, and the exercises are now available on your dashboard. They are there for you to view at your convenience.
    • You are given 1-3 exercises each week to do together, with your partner, including processes that aid you in reducing tension and navigating conflict more skillfully.

    In this Self-Paced course, the first Module arrives minutes after you sign up, and each module follows thereafter, seven days apart. Except for between Modules Three and Four where you are given two weeks delve more deeply into Module Three’s exercises.  So the course is actually six weeks long.

A Mindful Love Course

Think of A Mindful Love Course like a major “tune up” for your relationship, where you’ll…

Learn the key ingredients of a kind and loving relationship through the core teachings of five of the greatest master teachers on love, including John Gottman

Discover how to infuse more mindfulness into your partnership and become more aware of your own behavior
Learn how to skillfully navigate conflict—along with the steps for how to move your relationship from cold and contracted interchanges to more open and loving interactions

Take part in exercises as a couple that will reveal your patterns and triggers around hot-button issues

Learn easy-to-implement strategies that will help you integrate and maintain deeper connection in your relationship
Create a co-created conflict recovery plan to use in times of stress or to heal from a regrettable conversation or event


Hello, I’m Connie Feutz

connie feutz in her office

Understanding what makes relationships thrive and flourish has been a focus my entire life. I felt this yearning from a very early age, and it has propelled me through all of life’s major decisions, such as obtaining my Masters in Counseling Psychology from Vermont College in 1985 with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Counseling, and then, having the privilege of studying with Walter Kempler, M.D. in Los Angeles, a master clinician, who founded Gestalt Family Therapy.

Several years later, this yearning also led me to accept an invitation from a colleague to attend a workshop led by John Gottman, where I was one of 12 clinicians hand-picked—from their first two workshops—to be the Gottman Institute’s first clinicians. Together, we met with John and Julie Gottman twice a month for several years, to discuss and refine what is now known as The Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

This was followed by the immense honor of being asked to be one of their original six Master Clinicians. I trained clinicians in three different countries on how to become a Certified Gottman Therapist. I co-presented the first Art and Science of Love workshop off the West Coast (in Chicago).

And thanks to that same yearning, I spent the next 20 years rubbing shoulders with some of the finest clinicians in couples therapy—learning, practicing and teaching through the Gottman Institute and as a presenter of The Art and Science of Love workshop.

Those experiences, as well as the work and influences of other great clinicians and teachers such as Sue Johnson, have ushered me along my own path as a therapist for the last 35 years.

Now, I can think of no better way to use my clinical experience and acquired expertise than to help YOU access the proven skills and strategies I’ve seen help marriages repair, heal, and flourish—so that you can create the resilient, harmonious relationship of your dreams.

“Connie Feutz is an extraordinarily gifted couples’ therapist. I would send my own family to her in a heartbeat. I have great admiration for her abilities.”

John Gottman, Ph.D.

“Thank you again for providing time and space for my husband and I to further focus on, and enrich, our relationship. Your warmth and caring shine brightly through all of your guidance and insight ~ administered with love, while still getting right to the point, and the heart, of what is needed to create a thriving marriage. Your passion and authenticity were palpable. It’s clear why you are so successful!
Thank you for all you do to enrich the lives of so many couples.”

~ C & M, Washington, DC

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