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Connie lives and works in Bellingham, Washington.  Bellingham is a college town located on the northwest coast, 90 miles north of Seattle and 60 miles south of Vancouver, BC. There is a local, international airport.

Connie is only accepting clients who wish to schedule Marathon Couple’s Therapy. The first ‘session’ is two consecutive days.

For more information or to schedule a Marathon Couples Therapy session, please contact her assistant, Marissa at:

telephone | 360.671.6967
or at

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What past clients have said

“Can you imagine? A therapist that actually tells you what’s what rather than asking open-ended questions and waiting for you to ‘get’ it yourself after months or years of therapy.”

“With warmth, smiles, intelligence, and great perception, Connie led us to a positive transformation of our relationship and to a deeper understanding of aspects of ourselves and each other.”

“You have changed the course of our marriage and our friendship to one another. I will be forever grateful.”

“We can not thank you enough for all of your wisdom, insight, and guidance. We are both looking forward to integrating and practicing all the tools that you have given us. We both experienced a great deal of relief and peace from our time with you. ”