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Connie lives and works in Bellingham, Washington.  Bellingham is a college town located on the northwest coast, 90 miles north of Seattle and 60 miles south of Vancouver, BC. There is a local, international airport.

Connie is only accepting clients who wish to schedule Marathon Couple’s Therapy. The first ‘session’ is two consecutive days.

For more information or to schedule a Marathon Couples Therapy session, please contact her assistant, Marissa at:

telephone | 360.671.6967
or at

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What past clients have said

“Can you imagine? A therapist that actually tells you what’s what rather than asking open-ended questions and waiting for you to ‘get’ it yourself after months or years of therapy.”

“With warmth, smiles, intelligence, and great perception, Connie led us to a positive transformation of our relationship and to a deeper understanding of aspects of ourselves and each other.”

“You have changed the course of our marriage and our friendship to one another. I will be forever grateful.”