No matter what state your relationship is in, carving a path toward a more loving, resilient and harmonious relationship is possible.

And I know how to help you.

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Hello, I’m Connie Feutz

Understanding what makes relationships thrive and flourish has been a focus my entire life. I felt this yearning from a very early age, and it has propelled me through all of life’s major decisions.

This yearning led to my studies with some of the top clinicians in the field and to my career as an Individual and Couples Counselor, and eventually to the Gottman Institute, where I worked directly with John and Julie Gottman. I was chosen by them to be one of the original six Master Clinicians of the Gottman Institute.

With over 35 years of clinical practice, I know this to be true:

There is an alchemy that happens when we give ourselves over to deeply loving another: the joy, the vulnerability, the suffering.
Either we expand (in love) or we contract (in suffering).

I know what it takes to guide love onto a positive trajectory.

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“Connie Feutz is an extraordinarily gifted couples’ therapist. I would send my own family to her in a heartbeat. I have great admiration for her abilities.”

John Gottman, Ph.D.

Creating and maintaining a vibrant, harmonious and resilient relationship isn’t as difficult as you might think. It is, however, a practice.

The “must-have” ingredients of a harmonious relationship call for the consistent and intentional use of the following three skillsets:

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Good Will

Having the wherewithal and the skills to build and replenish Good Will—which nourishes connection—is the groundswell from which love and emotional resilience spring.

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Mindful State of Mind

The ability to be kind, attentive and responsive—and to know when to calm down when necessary—allows for increased feelings of emotional safety and trust. All of this is necessary for closeness and vulnerability.

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Effective Communication

Conflict is inevitable: it’s what we do with it that makes all the difference. When partners know how to speak gently and listen deeply, they are able to communicate from a tender, open, and receptive place where each person feels heard, valued and validated.

Learn the must-have skills to turn your relationship into an intentional, love-rich practice with

The Mindful Love Course

The Mindful Love Course is an amalgam of everything I’ve learned over my 35 years of clinical practice. This five-week course is filled with concepts, skills, and exercises to help you learn how to deepen connection, manage conflict skillfully, and become more mindful of both your partner and of yourself.

You can begin the self-course anytime you wish, with five weeks of lectures and materials available to you over a six week period.

What past clients have said

“You create such a peaceful space. Your approach is equal parts direct and loving. It was like you could read my mind. You have changed the course of our marriage and our friendship to one another. I will be forever grateful.”

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“I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate your help. To me, what you accomplished was nothing short of miraculous. You gave us the priceless gift of a second chance at a happy marriage together, and I will never take that for granted.”
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“We are still basking in the glow that we are no longer on the verge of filing for divorce. In reality, I do not know how anything less than Marathon marriage counseling could have worked in a situation like ours. We both feel so thankful that you have the expertise to figure us out.”

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