There is nothing I love more than hearing from my clients about the impact our work is having in their lives.

Read below to learn more about the experiences previous couples have had, then contact me if you’re ready to have a transformational experience of your own.

Thank you for giving us back our hearts, All our love.

– M & S – Toronto

With warmth, smiles, intelligence and great perception, Connie led us to a great and positive transformation of our relationship and to a deeper understanding of aspects of ourselves and of each other.   A great thanks to her.

– B & M – Paris

I just wanted to send you a heartfelt thanks.  D and I were amazed at our time together over the last couple of days.  We both were unsure going in and did not have high expectations that we would really get to the d depths of some of our issues let alone actually resolve some of them.  D shared with me this morning that today she really has hope for the future and that she had thought that that was never going to be a possibility. Thank you for the work that you do, you truly make a difference.

– S (husband) – Washington

Distance in a relationship is insidious, like a slowly progressing disease. Those of us in the medical field spend so much time worrying about solving others problems, that we fall short in identifying the very issues that are chipping away at the core of our most-important relationship – that with our spouse. Connie, you have altered the course of our marriage in such a positive way that regression isn’t even a consideration. Thank you for the insight, the processes, the resources, as well as the means by which we need to implement them. Our time spent together is one that neither Greg, nor I, will fail to recall. 

– BD (wife) – Oregon

Dear Connie,
I cannot even begin to tell you how much I appreciate your help. To me, what you accomplished was nothing short of miraculous. You gave us the priceless gift of a second chance at a happy marriage together, and I will never take that for granted.
With heartfelt thanks.

– LT (wife) – Arizona

Thanks for your talent and skill in helping up on solving our problems. We both came away from our two days with you with renewed hope for our marriage. I will always be grateful for how you helped us. Warmly,

– NT (husband) – Arizona

I was amazed at how much we accomplished {with Connie}. At no time did I feel rushed by her or the process. She has an innate ability to assimilate and integrate vast amounts of information in an incredibly short period of time, and communicate in a clear and straightforward manner. Can you imagine? A therapist that actually tells you what’s what rather than just asking open ended questions and waiting for you to “get it” yourself over months or years of therapy. Another positive attribute is that she was present at all times. Her presence truly astounded me! Taking the top relationship issues garnered from our first three hours of therapy, Connie gave us tools to use in discussing some of the most dicey relationship issues between us. She acted as a coach, stopping us whenever we slipped into a familiar, bad habits and redirecting our interaction to a more positive and healthy outcome. She was able to do this without either of us feeling unsafe or railroaded. We not only learned new processes, but we actually covered the critical relationship issues that we repeatedly get stuck on in everyday life. That doesn’t mean that they’re history or that we walked out of the office feeling like a Stepford Wife (or husband). But we covered so much ground over a three day period and gained the use of enough tools that we both left feeling as though we could be much better together. We both feel like we found a gem in Connie Feutz.

– EC (husband) – Washington

{My wife} and I found our sessions with you extremely valuable. They allowed us to see things and say things we might not otherwise have been able to. We admired and appreciated your focused approach, your competence, and your positivity and genuineness. We could not have gotten here without your expert assistance.

– BA (husband) – Vancouver BC

I am so grateful for Connie. We were truly on the brink of losing our marriage and she has supported EACH of us as we negotiate the tender territory of misunderstandings and hurt. Connie calls both of us on our part equally, she steps into each of our shoes and she has genuine compassion and respect for our individual, subjective perspectives and experiences. She helps me see my husband and helps me feel seen. I feel protected by her and I feel her protecting my husband. I am so thankful for the safety, trust and connection she is helping us establish in our marriage. 

– AB (wife) – Washington State

This testimonial is for the men and/or boys out there who may be considering professional counseling with Connie Feutz. I am not a person who runs to counseling. At first, I rejected the idea; but then I decided to give the 3-day “marathon” session a try. During the first minutes of our introduction with Connie, both my wife and I felt very comfortable; my wife felt especially safe and at ease. Within the first hour, I could see that this event could prove to be worthwhile. By the time we completed the marriage’marathon,’we each owned several new tools to help navigate us through our marriage. Connie introduced several processes and insights to achieve more effective communication. She is very skillful and professional. You alone can make the choice to use these tools to improve or save your marriage. You may not want to, but, you can also benefit your relationships with your children, your parents, your friends or in the business world. I went to counseling and found some wisdom. I am proud of my choice and thank my wife for locating such a gifted counselor. It proved to be a good choice!

– JP (husband) – Washington

Dear Connie,
One must be a gifted artist to help bear another’s soul aloft in intimate healing connection, toward the sunlight, the way you do. We toasted you and the miracle of family when we got back to Philly. God couldn’t love me more, to have given me the chance to work with you,
In gratitude,

– BH (wife) – Philadelphia

In Recommendation of Constance Feutz, MA. After 42 years of marriage, we needed some very specialized and realistic guidance with a proven methodology for some very difficult longstanding problems. Connie Feutz has come to our rescue with just the right experience and credentials in a research-based marital therapy method founded by Dr. John Gottman, for over 20 years a University of Washington professor, successful researcher in marriage failure prediction and avoidance and founder of the Gottman institute.

The right education and experience is only the “paper” half of the story. Connie has the ideal personality for this work. We both quickly became totally comfortable with her quiet, gentle and yet persuasive leadings, guidance and yes, correction when necessary. The comfort and confidence she creates is absolutely necessary. Most of us know what a good teacher is; she is a great teacher. Dedicated. I have seen her listen to a complex, often rambling statement of a problem or series of events for several minutes, after which she repeated it clearly back to us without having lost a single significant point. It is quickly clear that Connie wants concrete success from the work at least as much as the couple. She helps you frame and document concrete measures of that success and steps to get there. She is not there to just put in time; she is in there with you.

We particularly have benefited by the “marathon” sessions, wherein several hours of both a morning and an afternoon of the same day and possibly consecutive days are scheduled for continuity and practicality. The continuity provides so much more time efficiency than a one hour session, in which a problem can often only barely be introduced, leaving the couple still hanging and still frustrated until the next appointment. The marathons are particularly practical for couples coming from a distance, in our case involving a plane trip.

– CL (husband) – Arizona

{Connie is} A warm, caring, sensitive person. She was genuinely interested to help us, her clients. She was objective and professional. Her mastery and clarity of the Gottman methodology came through clearly. I could relate to her with ease. She evoked confidence and trust. Indeed, I felt that I had a friend in her, one I could confide in and one who was genuinely trying to understand our issues and help us the best way she could.

– PS (husband) – Florida

Connie was great for us. She quickly established the root/roots of our problems and immediately began the needed therapy. She gave us three-hour appointments which were so very helpful. With these longer appointments we felt that each session had satisfactory closer and we went away knowing how we each felt and what we needed to work on before the next session. Connie was very flexible in scheduling around our crazy schedules and was immediately available to counsel me through a rather severe melt down. Both my husband and I feel extremely fortunate to have Connie as our marriage counselor. From the very beginning she gave us a sense of hope. Within a few months we were “free to fly on our own.” It is not her purpose to have one in therapy forever, but she and we know that if we do need to see her again that all we have to do is call her.

– SG (wife) – Washington

It has been approximately six months since my wife and I completed a Gottman marriage seminar which was sandwiched between three intensive days with Connie Feutz. We continue to use what we learned and it has greatly enriched our relationship. The hours spent in the intensive sessions with Connie were tremendous. Meeting with her in this manner allowed us to confront many of the issues we had. We learned to be better listeners and appreciate each other’s reality and viewpoint. It was much more productive for us than meeting hourly on a weekly basis. Meeting with Connie for several hours allowed us to really get into our situations that were pulling our relationship apart to help bring us back together. When we were done, I must say it was the most intimate I had felt with my wife in years, and possibly the entire 23 years of our marriage. We continue to work on our relationship and it’s not always a honeymoon, but we now have the tools and direction to come closer together. We thank you, and our children thank you.

– JB (husband) – Colorado

Connie, I want to express my deep appreciation for the support you’ve given S and I. At a time when my world was falling apart, you provided safe refuge. When I was wondering what was real or imagined, you provided realistic perspective. You did all this with deep kindness and a sincere commitment to supporting us as we navigated stormy waters.

As I step back into myself and my own life path, I will use you as a role model – your calm demeanor, your direct and gentle honesty, your humor, and your ability to shine hope into a desperate situation.

You have my deepest thanks.

– DJ  (wife) – Washington

Dear Ms. Wright (Director of the Couples Department of The Gottman Institute):

It was good to finally meet you in Seattle last week. It was a productive though stressful workshop for both of us since it did stir up an emotional “hornet’s nest” which we were ill equipped to handle. We are very glad though, that we had opted for a marathon counseling session thereafter.

My wife, N, and I want to thank you for referring us to Ms.Connie Feutz for the Marathon. It was a most apt recommendation. We found her to be a warm, caring and sincere individual and a professional who took a genuine interest in her clients’ wellbeing. Both of us felt comfortable relating with Ms.Feutz’s. Her clarity and expertise with the Gottman methodology was obvious and most helpful for us to move forward.

Thank you again, and with best wishes,

S. and N.T. – Jacksonville, Fl