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Connie Feutz is gifted at assisting people in disentangling from self-defeating behaviors and patterns. Her approach is collaborative, engaged and interactive. Working with Connie, you will move toward a deeper understanding of yourself while also developing the emotional breadth and capacity to relate more fully and skillfully with life and with others.

After offering Marathon Couples Therapy for close to twenty years, Connie believes that the traditional concept of a ‘50-minute hour’ once a week—an established modality that is very effective for individual therapy—is not effective for couples in distress.


Marathon Couples Therapy is an intensive and focused therapeutic modality. The initial Marathon session lasts between 12 to 18 hours over two days. The goals and intentions of the therapy are identified early in the process. Connie sees her job as facilitating her clients in accessing new strengths, learning new skills and gaining new insights, which then move them in the direction of their stated goals.

Having longer sessions (anywhere from two hours to all day) allows Connie ample time to observe the couple in their particular negative dance, to guide or coach them into a different process and for the couple to practice new and more effective forms of dialogue and connection.

Connie teaches process: processes that a couple can use over time, no matter what their issue. With longer sessions, no matter what length of time has been scheduled, you pay for the time used, not the time scheduled.

What you can expect from a Marathon session with Connie is to have the trajectory of your relationship shift to something more positive and rewarding.

Once you have booked an initial two-day marathon session with Connie:

  • You will be emailed a packet that each member of the couple fills out privately. In it you will be asked numerous questions about your current state of affairs, as well as your hopes and intentions for the two days of therapy. These goals become Connie’s guideposts.
  • You return these documents to Connie. She then review this packet of information prior to meeting with you.
  • The Marathon begins with Connie meeting with the two of  you together for one to two hours.  
  • This is followed by Connie meeting with each of you privately to gather family-of-origin information.
  • The three of you then reconvene. At that time, Connie will offer her assessment of your relationship, how it got there, a summary of its current strengths and challenges, as well as her plan for moving you toward your goals. The rest of the first day and all of the following day are spent working to achieve your intentions.
  • A few days after your marathon has concluded, you will receive a written summary of the work accomplished.
  • This summary contains a detailed description of every concept discussed and every process taught, as well as suggestions and recommendation made to each member of the couple, describing what he or she may wish to focus on, in order to stabilize the changes made in the Marathon Therapy.
  • Follow-up Marathon sessions are tailored to the specific needs of each couple.

For more information, or to schedule a Marathon Couples Therapy session with Connie, please contact her assistant, Cat:


Connie has offered consultation to numerous clinicians in four countries. While it is advantageous to have had some training in either the Gottman Method and/or in Emotion Focused Therapy, it isn’t mandatory.

She is also available for group consultation, either in person or over secure video-conferencing.

For more information, please email Connie at