Mindful Love Course

A 5-week research-based,
online course for couples

Increase overall employee satisfaction in life by supporting their relationships


Increase employee well-being and mental health, which leads to


Increased productivity and a better attitude on the job

A rare opportunity to offer your employees access to one of the nation’s premier couples’ counselors

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Connie Feutz, MA LMHC

Connie Feutz, one of the original Gottman clinicians, and with 36 years’ experience, has helped couples from all over the world. With an hourly rate of $325, Connie only offers couple’s therapy. Her couples fly in from all four corners to participate in her unique Marathon Couple’s therapy.  The participants in A Mindful Love Course receive the entire scope of her expertise at a fraction of the cost.

Offer your employees a 5-week, online course that is essentially a couple’s workshop from the comfort of their own home! But with the benefit of a live hour each week with the course’s creator, Connie Feutz

Happy Relationships Are essential to a happy work life

The Harvard Business Review reports research across organizations and industries which has shown that flourishing in your career depends as much on your relationships, both in and out of work, as it does on your job itself. People whose work is mundane or demanding are just as likely to feel satisfied and fulfilled as those with fun or inspiring jobs if they proactively invest in their relationships that nourish them and create a sense of purpose.

Reducing homelife stress improves your employees’ overall wellbeing, increases their satisfaction and therefore improves their ability to focus and give everything they have  to the task at hand in their jobs.

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“Connie Feutz is an extraordinarily gifted couple’s therapist. I would send my own family to her in a heartbeat. I have great admiration for her abilities.”

~John Gottman

A Mindful Love Course:  A 5-week, online course for couples

The Mindful Love Course is a 5-week online course in which Connie Feutz, MA, LMHC, shares the fundamentals of what she has learned over her 36 years of clinical experience about what creates and sustains a strong, resilient, and harmonious relationship, drawing from research-based principles and what five masters of love and relationship teach, including John Gottman PhD, Sue Johnson PhD and Thich Nhat Hanh.

Couples enjoy a prerecorded lecture each week that they watch at their leisure, as well as engaging exercises to do together. At the end of the week, Connie hosts a live Zoom Q&A, to answer any questions and to engage in conversation, which is taped and archived for folks who wish to watch it later.

Over the 5 weeks, Connie offers the participants 14 exercises to do with one another, all of which support increased connection and guidance on how to lovingly and successfully navigate conflict. The lectures and written materials are theirs, online, for as long as Connie’s website is available

Corporate Packages

Tier One


We issue your company a unique code and any of your employees are able to join one of the five Courses offered each year at 20% off! No extra charge to you!


Your employees will be blended with complete strangers, which for some offers comfort.

Maximum number of couples per course: 35

Corporate Cost


per couple

Tier Two


We create a personalized course for your employees. Your company is issued an unique code and you can either choose:

Plan A: Pay for the course in full on their behalf (with a 20% discount) or
Plan B: Split the full cost of $450 with your employees. With either Plan A or Plan B, your employees would register directly through a specific webpage, so you will have an accurate head count.

We create a private corporate page for your employees where they can learn about the course as well as register for it. There is a setup fee of $300. One week before the start of the course, we would bill you the remaining cost, depending on whether you chose Plan A or Plan B.


Your course can occur anytime during the year, rather than be restricted to the five courses offered to the general public.

There is more flexibility as to when the live Q&A will take place each week, accommodating your employees time zones.

Maximum number of couples per course: 35

Corporate Cost


per couple

Tier Three


A 5-week course organized specifically for your most-valued employees.  Paid for either by the couples themselves, or by the company.  Instead of a live group Q&A, each couple would be able to sign up for a 15-minute private consultation with me each of the five weeks, offered at a specified evening or weekend time (agreed upon during negotiations).  There would be a signup page for their 15-minute slots.

Minimum number required:  6 couples
Maximum number of couples:  10 couples

Set up cost:  $500

Corporate Cost


per couple

Happy Clients

“…After taking your Mindful Love Course, our marriage has definitely reached a much higher level! We laugh more, bicker far less, and generally just enjoy one another’s company a whole lot more! Several “unresolvable” issues proved to be…resolvable. Who knew?
Thank you, Connie!”

“Our course was wonderful…You helped remind me why I married him and you also helped stop me from the negative loops that I often get stuck in…I honestly was sad that our session ended because this was such a fantastic experience with you and our group. Thank you for your guidance.”

“Even a year after taking the course, my wife and I experience none of the sometimes-cataclysmic altercations we used to go through. Instead, our relationship feels like a rock solid place of comfort during difficult times. Thank you!”

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