A Mindful Love Membership

Keep your relationship vibrant, harmonious, and resilient all year long.

Calling all past or current clients and Mindful Love Course attendees!

Are you looking for a way to continue working on your relationship?

Perhaps you’d like a regular touch point to help you keep up the practices and processes you learned in my office or at one of my workshops….

Perhaps you’re looking for help getting your relationship back on track…

Or perhaps you’re wanting to learn even more ways to deepen your connection with your partner…

No matter what the need, I have ideas and suggestions!

It’s called a Mindful Love Membership — a monthly membership exclusively for clients whom I’ve seen in my office (no matter how long it’s been!) or participants who’ve attended or purchased one of my workshops. Your membership provides monthly online support + exercises to do with your partner — all for only $24 per month.

The goal of the membership is simple: to offer you the consistent support you need to bring your relationship back into harmony and keep it thriving all year long.

The key to a consistently fulfilling partnership is commitment


…a commitment to being mindful of what serves to enhance your love and connection and what erodes it. And then committing to do what you can each day to nourish a warm, loving, harmonious relationship.

Turn your relationship into a practice with a Mindful Love Membership.

connie feutz in her office

The Mindful Love Membership is a monthly membership that provides the online support, community, and touchpoints you need to keep your relationship front, center and connected. Led by me,

You’ll receive:

  • One 60-minute session each month — conducted live on Zoom — that includes a short lesson on a topic related to building stronger relationships, followed by time for Q&A about the lesson or specific aspects of your relationship. (All sessions will be recorded and posted for members who are unable to join us live.)
  • One exercise a month to do with your partner that will deepen and strengthen your connection
  • Access to the recordings of past sessions
  • Special discounts on online courses and recorded workshops offered through AMindfulLove.com

You get all of these relationship-strengthening features for only

$24 per month

$250 per year
(a $38 savings over paying monthly!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the membership only for clients or those who have attended or purchased one of Connie’s workshops?

It’s important that everyone in the membership has a similar understanding of the basis of a sound, resilient, and harmonious relationship in the way that Connie teaches it. That way, all members are using the same “language” when discussing their relationships or receiving support through Connie and the group.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes! Your membership can be cancelled at any time.

Do you provide refunds if I cancel my membership in the middle of a month or — if paying annually — in the middle of the year?

All payments are non-refundable. Even if you cancel mid-month or mid-year, you will still have access to the membership for the entire time you’ve paid for.

When do the live, online sessions take place?

The Mindful Love Membership gathering takes place at 6:00 pm Seattle time (9:00 ET or New York time) on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, You will receive two email reminders before each session takes place. All sessions will be recorded and posted for members who are unable to join us live.

I would like to remain anonymous on the live, online sessions. Is this possible?

Absolutely! With Zoom meeting, you have complete control over whether or not your camera/video is ‘on’ or not as well as your ’name’. My assistant Elli can guide you on how to make your anonymity foolproof. You’ll also be able to ask questions of Connie anonymously through the live chat feature.

Ready to join?
Let’s get started!

Make sure your relationship gets the time and attention it deserves so you can reap the benefits of a deep connection with your partner

$24 per month

$250 per year
(a $38 savings over paying monthly!)