Are you considering Online Relationship Counseling?  Or would a couple’s workshop, that you do from the comfort of your own home, at your own leisure, suit you better?

COVID and the resulting economic uncertainty are wreaking havoc on love relationships everywhere.  Social distancing, loss of face-to-face time with beloved family and friends, economic distress, let alone couples negotiating what is and is not safe in this new unprecedented time: all of this, and more, can put undue stress on relationships. What previously may have been a fissure in a relationship may now be threatening to become a Grand Canyon.

Clinicians everywhere are now offering online relationship counseling. For couples in high distress, this is probably the best route to take. Or whatever couples counseling you can find. 

But for those couples where the unrelenting stress is just reinforcing some bad dynamics, what may serve them better is a couple’s workshop that they can do from home. A couple’s workshop grounded in the research on what creates and sustains a harmonious, loving relationship.

No matter what the stressor, we truly can learn how to come together. We can reinforce our relational foundation for a relationship that’s vibrant, harmonious and resilient. Not just some of the time, but MOST of the time.  Where our interactions actually strengthen and deepen our love, carving the effective, loving communication that we all long for.

If there ever was a time when a stronger, deeper connection with our primary love relationship, it’s now.

Online Couple’s Workshop

Have you ever wished there were a way where you could do some work together as a couple, but from the comfort of your own home?  Some new (research-based) ideas, new tools, to try on, but at your own timing?  At your own leisure?

Well, there is now.

As one of the original six master clinicians at the Gottman Institute, I’ve been leading A Mindful Couple’s workshop for years.  Now it is available to you online. 

My 5-week Mindful Love online course is for couples of all ages and all configurations. 

What you receive:

  • Five recorded lectures presented by me, Connie Feutz, teaching the key ingredients of what creates and sustains a vibrant, harmonious, and resilient relationship. Also eleven enlightening and highly practical exercises to complete with your partner throughout the course. And an additional three processes to have on hand as needed.
  • A videotaped lecture will be made available to you on each Saturday morning for the five weeks, along with written resources and exercises for that week.
  • On the following Saturday, at 9:30 a.m PT, there will be a LIVE Q&A led by me, where all course participants can ask questions about their specific relationship needs, as well as learn from the collective experience of the group. These sessions will be held on Zoom and will be recorded and archived in case you can’t attend them live.
  • And finally, access to a private Facebook page where participants can ask questions and take part in discussions with other course participants, as well as with myself.

Of course, I do offer Online Relationship Counseling for those who prefer it. But for many, the cost savings and convenience of The Mindful Love Online Course is just the ticket to the fulfilling and enriching relationship they dream of.